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Solar Power & Lighting Systems

With years of experience designing and installing solar electric systems in Kenya, we know what products and designs work best in our area. From off grid residential to grid tied commercial, our team can design and install a turnkey solar energy system to match your needs, budget, and long term financial goals.

All of our projects are designed and installed by our growing team of highly trained PV installers.

Choose Phontain Controls to design your system and install your solar panels so that you too can take advantage of the technology that will power our future.

Phontain Controls is a full service PA solar installer:

  • Install residential and commercial solar energy systems
  • Offer a smart, modular battery storage solution
  • Configure your web-based solar power monitoring tools
  • Service all the products that we install
  • Perform on-site energy audits
  • Work directly with government agencies to reduce out-of-pocket expense for the client
  • Take the time to answer all your questions, design and build your power system

As a full service solar electric (photovoltaic PV) provider, Phontain Controls will provide expert analysis on how to get the most out of your solar investment. We will design and install solar panel systems to maximize value and meet each customer’s individual needs, guide you through the solar rebates and incentive programs available for your system and complete all of the required paperwork.

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