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Nurse Call Systems

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Nurse Call Systems

Phontain Controls is proud to be at the forefront of nurse call systems technology, and as a provider and installer has continued to be at the forefront of this technology for over a decade.

As the leading provider of nurse call technology our team is uniquely equipped to ensure that this vital piece of technology is running at optimal levels from the initial moment of installation and throughout their long lifespans.

Over time, these systems have developed from simple alarms to an integral part of the medical and care giving professions; ensuring up to date charting and prescription information as well as a variety of other essentials to help increase the quality of personal care received by the elderly and infirm.

Nurse Call Installation

As well as using only the very best systems, we ally this high quality technology with the very best installation experts in the business. Installation teams are constantly retrained to keep up with the rapid improvements in all areas of technology to ensure that these systems are installed quickly and with minimum disruption.

Our goal is to achieve results which ensure that both patients and care givers can get the very best use out of the systems we install. Systems are easy to use and the basic essentials will be explained at the point of installation by one of our team, however you can also choose from a variety of levels of maintenance.

Nurse Call Maintenance

As with all the systems installed by Phontain Controls we only use those which are at the very forefront of the industry. However, even with the very best of technology installed by the most capable hands it is important that it is regularly and properly maintained. Thanks to combined decades of experience, we are able to maintain quickly and quietly, understanding the importance of not increasing stress on people in the vicinity.

Depending on what levels of maintenance you choose, you can benefit from round the clock assistance, because we understand that in a field such as this one, time is very much of the essence and every minute counts. A qualified specialist can be with rapidly should there be a problem to ensure minimum disruption to both you and your patients.

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