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Intelligent & Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

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Intelligent & Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm system is a must-have in any establishment because it alarms the occupants quickly of a fire, so they can evacuate as soon as possible. Phontain Controls offers different fire alarm systems designed by our team to fit your needs. Our range includes both simple manual systems and complex, technologically- advanced fire alarm systems for bigger projects.

Our fire alarm systems services are available across Kenya. These includes installation, inspection, monitoring and maintenance whenever you need them.

We guarantee efficient and high-quality fire alarm systems installations. Our experience and track record of previous projects makes us a reliable partner for your fire protection requirements.

Because we understand that fire alarm systems are complicated, our installation services include the following:

  • Identification and design of fire alarm system that will work best for your business and will fit within your budget
  • Complete assistance in getting permits, certifications and other documents for legal approval of installation
  • Final testing, connection and programming, making sure that all systems are working

Fire Alarm Systems We Work With

Conventional Alarm System

These system have simple on and off switches. The alarm can be triggered by smoke and steam, even if it’s not a real fire yet. This is the most cost effective system for small projects.

Analogue Addressable Systems

This system has a control panel that can monitor each smoke detector. It can therefore identify which device detected the fire. It has a more advanced system and is not easily triggered by false fire.

Fire Alarm Inspection Services

Even the most simple fire alarm system is not easily comprehended by a normal person. It involves a lot of parts that are invisible to the untrained eye. You need an experienced fire technician to check every element of your fire alarm system.

Phontain Controls certified fire alarm inspectors will conduct these routine checks for you, at a schedule based on your fire alarm system. We will consult this with you to ensure that inspections are done at correct intervals and don’t interfere with day to day business. Each check will confirm that all the components are functional and free from physical damage or other impairment.

The following are some of the tests completed during each inspection:

  • Smoke detector sensitivity test
  • Notification appliance audibility and intelligibility test
  • Battery load test

  • Control panel fuse and power supply test
  • Manual pull stations test
  • Random check of circuits

After these test, we provide you with a detailed inspection report indicating all performances and deficiencies of each of the alarm system’s components. We go over these reports with you and answer any questions you might have.

There are fire alarm components that require  monthly inspection, while others require a quarterly, semi-annual or annual inspection. Most manufacturers also require one annual test and inspection after installation of the fire alarm system.

You can also request for an emergency inspection if you think that something’s not right with the system. Technicians for arrive as soon as possible to identify if there are any problems that need to be fixed.

Fire Alarms and Fire Detection Systems Repair

Phontain Controls understand that a Fire Alarm system can often need attention at the most inconvenient time. If your Fire Alarm system is malfunctioning or damaged, our team of accredited engineers is on call 24/7.

We will respond to an emergency call-out within 24 hours, or on the same day if contacted before midday. This means you can get back to running as normal with minimal fuss and excellent service, whether we installed your Fire Alarm system or not.

Phontain Controls provide repairs for all types of fire alarm systems

We can respond to almost any problem, including:

  • System failing to detect fire,
  • Notification devices failing,
  • Alarm sounding in the absence of a fire,
  • System being damaged or vandalised,
  • Inaudible voice evacuation system,
  • Incorrect/no zoning,
  • Panel intermittently beeping,
  • Fault light on control panel,

  • Not being able to reset the system,
  • Missing detectors,
  • System cannot be switched on
  • System disconnected,
  • Unable to silence alarm,
  • Faulty control equipment,
  • Damaged call points,
  • Faulty LEDs

All of our engineers have a  years experience and are familiar with all of the common manufacturers. All engineers’ vans carry a stock of the most common replacement parts, such as detectors, ‘break glass’ glass, and alarm sounders, so that the repair can often be completed during a single visit.

When this is not possible, we will provide you with a written, accurate repair quotation including parts and labour together with correct lead times so that you can have your system up and running as soon as possible.

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