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High Tower Water Management Systems

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High Tower Water Management Systems

GRP-Fiber Glass Water Tanks
No Corrosion, Over 100 Years of Life & Pure, Clean Non-Contaminated Water

PHONTAIN CONTROLS (K) LTD is one of the foremost companies in the business of installing Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (G.R.P.) sectional water tanks within the East African region.

We are one of the few companies who possess the technical expertise and the advanced installation facilities – not only to install our tanks but also carry out feasibility studies, analyze terrains, water quality and levels for long term benefit of our clients

Our international partners use the element of an advanced composite known as SHEET MOLDING COMPOUND (S.M.C.) which is manufactured in their Plants with all the necessary characteristics incorporated into the design and tested in advance for longer life considering the
environment and any climatic condition.

Our partners have achieved a pre-eminent position in this field. Their experience in composite materials extends over 30 years, during which period they have grown to become a market leader – being in sole control of the key elements in the excellence of their product.

All our products are manufactured to ISO9001:2000

TanksĀ Models

Standard Tank:
This tank is complete with internally flanged base, externally flanged side walls. All under water
stays are Stainless Steel and all bolts are galvanized to BS 729.

Light Duty Cover:
These are only suitable for indoor use, and for the storage of foul water. They are not designed
to take Man weight.

Heavy Duty Cover:
Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use and for the storage of foul water and have internally flanged lid
panels, similar to those used in the base.

Heavy Duty Covers & Finished To Format 30:
Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor use and for the storage of Drinking Water, as defined in our

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