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Fire Consultancy and Audits

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Fire Consultancy and Audits

Phontain Controls fire safety consultants help you keep people and buildings safe. We help you improve fire safety and ensure compliance. As both health & safety and fire safety consultants we can can help you stay safe and compliant.

Correct documentation, policy and procedures are needed to comply with fire safety legislation. Our Smartlog software helps to simply fire safety and health & safety management, ensuring safety and compliance as well as an audit trail and risk assessment functionality.

Its Maintenance checks and reminders also help facilitate corrective action and its e-learning courses ensure training compliance.

Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Our fire safety consultants can provide the following services:

  • Conducting a comprehensive fire safety audit.
  • Providing recommendations and timelines for action.
  • Providing fire risk assessment and safe working procedures for your business.
  • Preparing fire safety policies for your company and evacuation planning.
  • Providing an employee induction program which covers your companies specific fire safety issues.
  • Guidance and training on specific areas.
  • Regular follow up fire safety audits ensuring continued compliance

You may also need more specialist assistance with complex health and safety issues or risk assessments and our team can also help you with this.

Fire Safety Engineering Services

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Health and Safety Assessment
  • On-site Fire Extinguisher Training.
  • Planned/reactive maintenance, servicing, repair & installation: Fire Extinguishers, Alarms, Doors, Emergency Lights etc.


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